This morning, one of my kids and I stopped by Alameda's South Shore [Somewhat Big Box] Center to grab drinks and treats for him while he's home sick. Near the same spot where I previously encountered signature gatherers who were promoting an effort to recall the duly-elected county DA , we encountered a different fellow this time.

As I was helping my somewhat-sick kid up into a shopping cart, the fellow approached us:

Signature gatherer: Good morning, are you are registered voter?

Me: No, thanks.

Signature gatherer: We're collecting signatures this morning about Prop 47. To stop shoplifting.

Me: No, thanks. [pause] But just curious, what's the going rate per signature?

Signature gatherer: [quietly] $3 [pauses] But you know I'd be out here even if it wasn't paid. My car was broken into in a parking lot. This is about reducing crime.

Me: No, thanks. Have a good day.

Signature gatherer: You too.

And with that, my kid and I finally continued on in to Safeway.

Based on multiple articles I've read recently from trustworthy news sources, I agree with the LA Times editorial board that Proposition 47 is being used as a "scapegoat."

Signature gathering in California is no more than a money-making enterprise: Part II