I blogged last Thursday morning about how the Estuary Water Shuttle is becoming a reality on paper, with City Council approval of three agreements among the pilot's various governmental and non-profit partners. Turns out the pilot was becoming even more of a reality in the real world, as well.

Last Thursday afternoon, the boat arrived in Jack London Square.

Maurice Ramirez — who filmed a journey along the nearly-completed Cross Alameda Trail by bike and drone — used a drone to capture the boat's arrival:

Sure, this is a lot of ceremony for just a single boat that will be used for a pilot program. Then again, bridging the gap between Oakland and Alameda — for people who live on one side of the other, for people who work on one side or the other, and for people who just want to get to the other side for a drink or a meal — in a manner that produces much less carbon and congestion than driving through the tubes — making progress on this big overall goal is important to the future of our region.

"I'm on a boat": Part II