I previously compared the urgency and the "whole of city" response that the City of Alameda is deploying against sideshows at Alameda Point to the much more staid and slow approach that the city is taking to traffic safety and transportation improvements elsewhere in Alameda.

Here's another example — the City Attorney's office is actively involved in curbing sideshows at Alameda Point:

On May 15, 2024, Assistant City Prosecutor Montague Hung filed criminal charges against Luis Lozano-Vargas, a promoter of illegal sideshow events.


“Community Safety has consistently been one of the City Council’s highest priorities,” said City Attorney Yibin Shen. “City Prosecutors are committed to working collaboratively with our justice partners at the Alameda Police Department to curb unlawful sideshow activities and enhance community safety.”

from a City of Alameda press release, May 16, 2024

What if the City Attorney's office also tasked its staff with getting creative about traffic safety "in" Alameda?

As I've suggested previously, the City Attorney's office should explore suing Kia and Hyundai.

One of those specific manufacturers is responsible for enabling the vehicle theft that resulted in the crash that killed an 89-year old person in Alameda last year:

City of Alameda Fatal Crash Response Program: 2023 Fatal Crash Information & City Follow-Up

So, why not sue 'em on behalf of the deceased's family, sue 'em on behalf of all the Alameda residents whose Kia or Hyundai cars have been stolen due to the very well-known design flaw, and sue 'em to recoup the city's related expenses?

When you see the level of effort the city is applying to one single issue out at Alameda Point, it's a useful reminder of the skill of city staff and the capabilities of local government to actually deliver results to residents, visitors, businesses, and many other local stakeholders...

Do our city's staff leadership and our elected officials want to be similarly committed to traffic safety and transportation improvements across all of Alameda?

On that note, multiple readers of my last post titled "Alameda's proposed mid-cycle budget for transportation is an insufficient first draft" have asked how they can help ask the city to address these delays and downsizings of traffic safety improvements on residential streets.

Please email City Council in advance of their Tuesday meeting and/or call in to the Tuesday 6:59 p.m. meeting to give a public comment on agenda item 3-C.

The city's taking legal action on traffic safety "out" at Alameda Point — what about here "in" Alameda?